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Spring Collection '22 at Alameda Artworks

Ever since I moved into an art studio, my whole life has changed.

After 5 years of working by myself in the corner of my living room, the struggle have always been fighting the loneliness during my creation. Although a certain solitude is necessary, I have always wished I could belong in a group of people, just to say hi, how are you. Listen to what they are working on and feel like a part of something.

It was last September when I visited the Open Studios at The Alameda Artworks, where one of my mosaic friend Lynne Strom-berg was showing at her studio. I casually asked her if there was an opening in studio space and sadly there wasn't. However, she called me back a couple of days later and ask if I wanted to share her space. Thinking back everything happened so fast, after 2 months, I was already in. I still remember the gentle excitement and the feeling of hopefulness.

Everything I wanted to do, but couldn't, due to the lack of space in my living room, was happening in my studio from November ~ April '22. I didn't want to waste a minute and felt like I was melting into my studio every day. Each day was like a dream came true. The simple feeling of greeting a studio mate, knowing that in this whole annex, I'm not the only one who is thinking about art all the time, gave me a sense of connection and comfort. That I am not alone. I never felt so welcomed in a community where I thought I belonged. I even cried a couple of times in my car while heading home, feeling so grateful.

Spring Collection was the combination of me and my creational journey, the support I got from the community, and peace of mind that allowed me to see the beauty of spring.

Thank you for those who took the time to stop by. I was touched by every encounter of kindness and respect. You can view the collection HERE.


Lastly, I wanted to mention how my studio mate Lynne teaches me about love. Personally, I find it difficult to express love verbally, so it is refreshing to see someone like Lynne express love every day. Not only does she have a very caring personality, but it also shows in her passion for art. Ever since her mother passed away, she gathered her precious pottery and china, broke the pieces, and put it back into art as her own grieving ritual. This creational process that was once a workflow, became a personal meditation and then a joy of life. The outcome takes a different shape, but the fundamental purpose has always been the same, which I love and respect so much.

She is always welcome to listen to your story about passed loved ones and give it a new life to their precious belongings. So if you're interested, please feel free to contact me or her directly.


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