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Philosophy Behind All - Spring Studies '23

At the outset of 2023, amidst a busy schedule, I found myself grappling with a persistent sense of stagnation, struggling to establish a clear goal. While this experience was not necessarily negative, I was still searching for a novel challenge that would elevate me to greater heights.

During a prolonged period of creative work, I often experience the duality of innovative and mundane tasks. However, with the intention of optimizing this time, I experimented with various approaches to maximize my productivity. Having grown tired of the repetitiveness of YouTube, Spotify, and Podcasts, I turned to Amazon's Audible, which, in Japan, predominantly offers self-improvement books, yet I decided to commence with a work of fiction that had long piqued my interest. Within mere minutes, I experienced a remarkable epiphany: though my hands were engaging in routine tasks, my mind was transported on an unprecedented, thrilling adventure, progressively plunging into the depths of the story. This exhilarating feeling of liberation, a stark contrast to my formerly busy schedule, transformed the start of my year into an enriching and meaningful period. This innovative work model comprised entering the studio, playing the story, immersing myself in the plot, and observing my work progress smoothly.

As I progressed through the works of "Kafka by the Shore", "Convenience Store Woman", "So Long!", "Killing Commendatore" and "The Alchemist" I stumbled upon a story that completely transformed my values: "Sen wa boku wo egaku" by Hiromasa Togami. A calligrapher himself wove his words so fluidly that I felt as though I had possessed his body, taking brush and ink to paper, struck with a strange sensation. He expounded on the philosophy of calligraphy, and the significance that its practice holds for humans. Even though I had never touched ink before, the depth of his words resonated within me, stirring an intense desire to witness authentic ink paintings, prompting me to rush out to purchase materials immediately. For the first time, I was moved so profoundly by a form of art that was not my own, and it made me realize the true power of words.

So what about myself? Am I truly conveying something akin to my core convictions through my creative works? Have I constructed my own philosophy worthy of the challenging and unique technique of glass mosaic? I inevitably come to realize that it was time to reassess the meaning of my craft. Yet, how exactly can I articulate this? Despite the struggles in my life, what drives me to continue creating? Technique is something to be continually pursued, but it is my own personal philosophy of art that I wish to elevate at this stage. As my mindset shifts, the scenery before me gradually changes.

One day, I suddenly felt the urge to confirm something and headed to a museum. My favorite museum nearby is the Anderson Collections on the campus of Stanford University. Although it is not so large, it exhibits a tasteful collection of renowned artists. It was a rare rainy day in California, but I couldn't resist. I enjoyed each piece in the quiet museum with music playing softly, and my doubts turned into certainties.

"Here are people who have found their own philosophy."

In a time when I was still naive, I would venture to contemporary art museums and scrutinize canvases that had been solely adorned in yellow, questioning why such a piece would be considered a work of art worthy of being displayed in a museum when I myself could have easily created it. However, it is safe to say that these words stemmed from my lack of awareness and inexperience in the realm of art.

The artists there have their own philosophy of creation and were among those who ultimately arrived at a point of expressing themselves solely through the use of the color yellow. Irrespective of differences in technique or style, all of these artists have converged upon a singular point. It is readily apparent who the author of a work is, even in cases where they are not explicitly identified. The breath, coloration, and everything else present in their creations embody the artist themselves. Now, the difficulty of reaching that juncture, the laborious process of refinement, and the passage of time are all discernible. Only after prolonged searching, polishing, and refining is the true worth of one's singularly-crafted creations revealed. My emotions were stirred deeply. The sight was utterly transformed, akin to that of a crystal. Subsequently, I was gripped by deep fear. Would I be able to discover and perfect my own art in this way? All these people arrived at the same destination: the realm of those who have achieved. Will I be capable of arriving there as well? A convoluted mixture of terror and excitement caused my eyes to well up with tears.

“I have to find my own philosophy in creation.”

In the year 2023, the task before me was not to undertake new challenges, but rather to refine the assets I already possessed. With the clarity of purpose, my mind became unclouded. While the path ahead is a lengthy one, the vision of my destination has already imbued me with a sense of security.

Honestly, It's a strange feeling. Based on the memories of my past experiences and the sensations my body remembers, I feel a strong inclination of my emotional threads weaving my own thoughts. Everything seems to push me forward like a favorable tailwind, goading me on. The most significant difference from my twenties is my newfound reluctance to rush headlong into things. I now possess a discerning sense of my own condition, allowing me to move forward with steady conviction. My past missteps have taught me the perils of impetuosity. Rest assured, my passion is still there, overflowing within me. It is the product of diligent accumulation, the product of small, daily realizations, and thus not easily erasable. This realization fills me with an immense sense of joy, almost to the point of rapture.

Following the realization of a clear path forward, it is typical to proceed directly towards that destination, however, I felt compelled to take a detour. Deliberately materializing everything that came to mind to reaffirm my convictions, I approached the journey with a sense of playfulness, indulging in side trips on my way to the desired destination. I then chose to present the lineup that I had thoroughly enjoyed, liberated from the confines of previous frameworks, not as a mere collection, but as a series of Studies.

Lineups of Spring Studies will be launched at the Open Studios at Alameda Artworks & Online on May 13-14.







ふと、何かを確かめたくて美術館へ向かった。近場で一番好きな美術館はスタンフォード大学のキャンパス内にあるAnderson Collections。規模はそこまで大きくないけど、名だたる芸術家の趣味の良いコレクションが並んでいる。その日はカリフォルニアでは珍しく雨が降っていたが我慢できず車を走らせた。誰もいない館内で静かな音楽を聞きながら一点づつ鑑賞していく。感じていた疑惑が確信に変わる。









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