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Freedom of Imagination - Summer Collection 2022 -

The past few months were a period where I seriously wanted to confine myself in the studio. Simply out of positive intention, I didn't want to see or talk to anybody but wanted the creational process to chase me after. One of those periods of time when I wanted to hide under my own skin.

The act of being alone led me to read more stories during the free time. Stories are good. Especially those that pays attention to details of the surrounding world are the best. You start to feel that you're part of the world feeling the same emotions as the characters and start to enjoy the endless journey within your imagination. As the details become more clear, I start to sense the smell and the touch of the water and soil that exists in the scenary. The time that I immerse myself in those stories are comfortable, deep. I felt free.

One of my favorite quotes from Janet Fitch is " She's never where she is, she is always inside her head." Just like she said, I was within my head for a very long time during my studio hours.

Then I wondered if I can express this joy of freedom I experience in my head. One artist came in my mind. Naohisa Inoue, one of his famous art being the imaginary world created by the protagonist in Studio Ghibli movie "Whisper of the heart".

It is almost like you dropped a jewelry box and all the stones scattered around the floor. I rushed to my bookshelf and looked through his art book and absorded every inch of his colors with my eyes. His iconic color palette immediately draws you in to this imaginary world and let you journey though it. The excitement that I felt in each color was what I needed in my next collection.

Art that triggers your imagination.

Art that will become the entrance to the new world.

One of the important aspect of the Summer Collection was the "blank space" I wanted to incorporate in my pieces. An intentional "gap" to create an affect so the viewers will feel like they are peaking through the magical world through a crack of space. Because of the nothingness, it is beautiful. Becasue of the simpleness, the world beyond shines.

I wonder, where would the imagination take you after the piece leaves my hand.

A sense of ellation provoked by great storytelling is what I wanted to portray in the newest collection.

Thank you to those who visited Filoli and stopped by to view the collection. I can not express how grateful I am and your kindness and support means the world to me. Arigato-gozaimasu!












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