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Fifth Season - Summer Collection 2023 -

This profound realization occurred at the onset of June—an inner longing I had harbored for quite some time. As I approach its essence, the amalgamation of knowledge, skills, and creative philosophy I had built up over the years intertwined and overlapped, like the celestial spectacle of a lunar eclipse.

"I think I've finally got this."

Within, a subtle but palpable sense of urgency emerges, accompanied by a profound surge of joy. It embodies the sensation of an unwavering pillar taking shape at the very core of my being.

Six long years.

I have finally reached this juncture. The groundwork has been meticulously laid.

In the past few months, while reading Haruki Murakami's "Killing Commendatore," I felt a profound connection to a line spoken by the 36-year-old protagonist, who is a painter: "I must find my own artistic style before I turn 40." It resonated with me deeply. I only have three years left, and I had been contemplating whether I could discover my own style. It's not the type of joy that can be easily shared with others, but it genuinely brought me happiness.

Alongside the unique and unadulterated delight that is mine alone, my enthusiasm for the forthcoming collection burgeons. The framework has already been decided: "Love."

However, it is not a generic love but rather my own personal interpretation of it.

I must confess that I have not fully grasped the true nature of love. Undoubtedly, I hold deep affection for the remarkable people in my life, yet the precise definition of "love" within the intricate tapestry of our interactions is still unclear to me. What defines the tenderness that permeates an individual's character? And whence does the wellspring of selfless love, impelling us to act on behalf of others rather than ourselves, originate? I have struggled with understanding others' emotions, often inadvertently hurting them. The compassionate friends surrounding me serve as my mentors. Once a friend told me, "You have the capacity to discover it within yourself." No matter how long it takes, I truly wish to understand the concept and the importance of it.

First things first, I've decided to gather and organize the certainties within me. When have I felt something like "love" before? What were the words? The emotions? And the overall flow of the atmosphere?

In this forthcoming summer collection, these fragments shall converge, interwoven into a tapestry of unity and self-discovery. I hope you enjoy the additional season I experienced with my loved ones with the filter of love.














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