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Conversation with Solitude - Summer Collection 2021 -

“Every beauty in this world are composed of a certain speed of gentleness.” - Kaii Higashiyama

The realization came to me in 2020, when the global pandemic became serious and non-human contact was unavoidable, that I have never faced “solitude” before there was no countermeasure against this in my pockets.

The emotional status can not be represented in a simple phrase like “I feel lonely.” Something more forceful as silence when you experience underwater. A queer sensation of breathlessness due to the inapplicability of common practice and a guilty sense of security from all of us being under the same circumstances.

Even in those quiet moments, I sensed the presence of natural beauty all around me. Or rather I was able to sense them because I was alone.

The power of solitude started to reveal its self after I passed a certain degree of loneliness. Fresh ideas never got interrupted once I shut down external informations. It sunk deeper discovering a new self and introducing new concepts. That itself brought me so much joy.

Then I realized, it was not the dramatic flashy colors of nature I wanted to preserve under glass, but the gentle hues I see every day in the corner of my eyes. Something simple as a swift fresh wind from nowhere. My mind was always orbiting around the new concept of color and composition.

  • The gentle curve of the organic shapes

  • The composition uniting with the natural force of life

  • The rightful vibrancy of colors balancing with the law of nature

  • The comfortable tension between color and glass to maintain the concept of simplicity

Spring, 2021. After reconsidering the foundational aspect of natural beauty that touches my soul, I was encountering a new world of lights and colors. It was a new aspect of this world discovered by a silent conversation with solitude, and myself. This new body of work is the collection of the pure joy of gaining a new sensation in my life.

Thank you everyone who came to stop by, it means everything to me. For online supporters, I've updated my Summer Collection page HERE and all the available works are in my shop now.



“すべての美の世界は、ある程度のゆるやかな速度によって成り立つものであろう” - 東山魁夷













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