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Working in Small Spaces ; Proud to be an Apartment Artist

When many artist have a spacey studio to work on their art, I proudly call myself an "Apartment Artist". One bed room apartment living with my husband, (waiting for a future puppy), is probably a normal lifestyle around San Jose, California. I have bought a foldable IKEA working table and made the corner of living room as working space, and I'm loving it!

Daily Doodling!

Favorite Moment in my Studio. LIGHTS!

When there is limited space, there is limited storage. And the reason why I love working in small space is you stop buying too much materials. If, you're an artist, and you're so into it, the materials can continue to increase forever. (Because of the love of it!) But if you know the limit of your space, you start to think about how you can make space, save space and make use of it.

I also LOVE working on the floor

I believe the importance of organizing your limited space came from my mother. She always used to tell me that even with limited space, if you organize and keep it clean it can become the one and only comfortable home. And I believe that. I am not expert in minimalism, (because I love decorating) but this is my belief of minimalism as an artist.






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