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5 Reasons Why Mosaic Art is Amazing 

Yes, why mosaic? Of all art forms from painting, sculpting, sketching, carving and so on, why MOSAIC? And the answer is "You just have to see it for yourself." But that's not going to give answer to anything so as a mosaic artist, here I'd like to tell you 5 reasons why it is amazing.

1. The Beautiful Light Reflection

One of the reason why I got so addicted to mosaic art is the way it shines under sunlight. Have you ever seen a mosaic piece made by clear glass or stained glass under the light? I mean it, it SPARKLES! I can say it is almost like looking at a natural stone jewelry which has been beautifully cut into diamond shapes. The reflection of light seems to be moving around constantly inside it is like a fire burning in stars.

2. Depth

Because a thick glass is attached, a mosaic work can literally bring the depth which painting can not. Even and 1/3" of raise from the base ground will create incredible depth to the artwork. Especially for my type of work, where clear glasses are attached on top of acrylic painting, it even looks deeper since the colors seems like it is almost sunk in the water like the image below. After the grout is applied, it looks more deeper since the gaps are filled with matte substances, making is more easier to visualize the depth.

3. Possibility of Colors

Yes, the colors! And I'm talking about stained glass here. Well, they are absolutely beautiful aren't they!? The colors and the marbly patterns are gorgeous. Since living in bay area, there are not much stores that has stained glass but there are 2 great ones. Kiss my Glass in Santa Cruz and Franciscan Glass Company in Moutainview. Where Kiss my Glass is more craft oriented and has a lots of selection glass sheets and tools, Franciscan seems more interior decoration oriented company doing glass shower doors installation, and etc. However they have a good selection of stained glass sheets and scraps. (Which I love going through scraps!)

4. Spontaneous Shapes & Lines

Where I feel like painters can take pretty good control in paintings, glasses on the other hand can be super spontaneous. Occasionally when I crash, smash, break and cut the glasses into bits and pieces, it is such a pleasure to see some of them breaking in a surprising way. And the magic of mosaic is, when you're arranging the attachment, there is always that one piece just fits perfectly and happens to be that one that went crazy when you broke it. The spontaneous lines are what makes the piece more unique and interesting.

5. Dedication Time

Now I know that in any art form, the preparation and working time are long. But I believe mosaic art is pretty long too in the creating process. Taking my art form of "Abstract Glass Mosaic Art" for example. Let's say I'm making a 10"x10" piece.

1 : Coat the wood panel

2 : Abstract painting on the panel (3 drafts are drawn before for test)

3 : Glue reflection flakes and glitters

4 : Cut the glasses in shapes

5 : Attach the glass on panel

6 : Let it dry

7 : grout the piece

8 : Let it dry + touch ups

Also there are so many techniques and process in each steps which can NOT be done in a day. But because so much heart and time are dedicated to a piece, it feels and looks wonderful when it is completed. Well, any art form with love is just amazing.

So there were my opinions of why mosaic art is amazing! I'm sure you'll have your own opinions too so let me know in the comment! It is a wonderful form of art, and if you ever have a chance to experiencing one at stores or workshop, I would definitely recommend you to try because it has opened my eyes are made me fall in love with it.




1. 光の反射がとにかく綺麗


2. 絵画では感じられない物質的な深み


3. 無限の色の可能性


4. 予想の付かない形や線

比較的画家さんはある程度の筆のコントロールを効かせて絵を描いているよう感じますが、ガラスは毎回思いがけない方向に割れたりします。毎回私もガラスを割る時、いつも「今回はどんな形になるかなー♪」と楽しみなくらいです。ある程度仕向ける事も可能ですが、何十枚と割ってきた私でもいつも驚かされます。そしてこれはモザイクアーティストあるあるだと思うのですが、どれだけランダムな形のものでも必ずフィットする場所があるんです!たまに「この子 (ガラスです笑) はここにハマる為に生まれてきたガラスだ!」と感動するくらいなのです!そして「この子はあの時すごい形に割れた子だ!」と。笑 そんな突発的な形や線がユニークな作品を生み出します。

5. 心を込めて制作する時間

どんなアートでも準備と制作にはかなり時間がかかります。そしてモザイクも同じです。私の「Abstract Glass Mosaic」アートを例に作業の流れをご紹介します。

1: 木製パネルの下地塗り

2: アクリルでの抽象画を描く (最低3枚下書き)

3: フレークとグリッターを貼る

4: ガラスをカット

5: パネルにガラスを貼る

6: 乾燥させる

7: グラウトで隙間を埋めていく

8: 乾燥&仕上げ



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