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Special Wedding Piece For My Dear Friend

Usually I don't write a blog about every commission piece, but this one was indeed special. It was my first time creating a piece for a wedding and it was for a person who had been my friend for over 10 years.

So I was thrilled when I received this image from her. They've already had a clear color image of the wedding so it was also easy for me to get the picture from the beginning. Also the image she found on Pinterest gave me so much inspiration. Pinterest has hundreds of these color combination images which is great for people to figure out their favorite combos.

I usually just asked people to tell me their favorite color for commissions but decided to lead people here to search for what they have in mind.

Her main color was "Dusty Blue"

Ans yes, it made it o her wedding safe and sound.

With great gathering I'd say it was one of the best wedding I have attended.

It was such a pleasure to be part of this beautiful wedding and I was glad that they were happy to have the wedding piece I created for them. The creation felt special that it reminded me why I started making in the first place.









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