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Showing Art In Public For First Time At Open Studios

So I have been bragging about how I'm excited about the Open Studios for this past few weeks, now it is officially over! I won't talk about it anymore for an another year... And my first thought is, "I am so glad that I did it, and oh boy I have a long way to go!"

Before going to all my thoughts, here's the fact. Some images of my presented works and the amazing artists I joined together to show! (BTW my mother came over all the way from Japan to support me on the event! Thanks Ma!)

My best works from past 5 months & handmade display board.

Also wanted to introduce amazing artists I joined the show!

Mosaics by Rachel

Vibrant color stained glass mosaic artist

Nessy Barzilay

Unique garden ceramic art

Heny K

Beautiful enamel jewelry

Shakuf Design

Beautiful fused glass art

Even I don't have pictures of all 3 weekend members, I was so glad to join all amazing artists I participated with. Even our mediums were different, we all shared the same passion, pride and love toward art. It was refreshing to talk about it and discuss how we all should go for it and also support each other. I received so many advices and there were just so much I learned that I can't describe here in few sentences. There's always power in artists supporting artists. Encouragement and Love.

And the experience gave me so much thoughts toward my future as artists. By seeing and hearing all sorts of artist"s stories, I finally figured out it does not work as simple as "just make and sell."

1. How do I want to evolve my Glass Mosaic technique?

2. How do I want to contribute to community though my artwork?

3. How do I want to manage financially in order to continue creating?

To tell you the truth, a week after my Open Studios, I haven't really find the answer to it, but I was glad that I am now aware of my questions toward myself. My goal is to finalize these answers as much as I can within this summer.






Mosaics by Rachel


Nessy Barzilay


Heny K


Shakuf Design




1. ガラスモザイクの技術をどう進化させていくか

2. アートを通してコミュニティにどう貢献できるか

3. 作り続けるにはどう経済的にどうマネジメントしていくか


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