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Mosaic and Murals

Mural is one of my dream project as an artist. I have been inspired by many artist on instagram who does murals. Drawing on a wall as a big canvas is just dreamy and fascinating. Originally mosaic art is a mural work on buildings especially churches using stones and smalti. However conducting a mural project only with my art form seemed unrealistic physically and artistically so I have been giving up on it.

Then one day I saw an artist working on mural project at Facebook headquarter on instagram. The program was called Facebook Artist in Residence Program and she was one of the artist there. Her original work was 3D but the way she was combining her artwork with mural was truly amazing and it blew my mind. It was that simple, that I noticed "Oh yeah, mural does not have to be only painting on wall, but can be collaborated with other art form to become a 3D mural!"

So I've decided to start a "Mural x Mosaic" project starting this fall... in my room! "Mural x Mosaic" project is to produce an atmosphere that will match my mosaic artwork.

Design Idea #1

Yes, I live in a cozy apartment so I can not paint directly. And I have been facing that problem but I found a removable & paintable (amazing!) wall paper on Amazon which seemed to make my desire come true!

Design Idea #2

Design Idea #3

Design Idea #4

Art and atmosphere. There are lot to think about these elements and I am thrilled. Plannings are proceeding with design ideas. After this, I hope to categorize this as one of my service in the future. But for now... I'm just going to give it a try and have fun!




しかしこの間フェイスブックが行っているFBAIR PROGRAMという、ローカルのアーティストによる本社の壁に壁画を施すというプログラムである素敵な壁画をみつけました。彼女の元のアートは立体的なのにもかかわらず、壁画とうまく融合して素晴らしい作品を仕上げていたのです。まさに目からウロコでした。そうか、壁画というのは単に壁に絵を描くだけではなくて、描いた絵とアートを組み合わせてオリジナルの立体的な壁画もできるんだな、と。



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