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Magical Reflection of Tempered Glass

After working with different kinds of glass including stained glass, tiles, ceramics and etc., I have to say, tempered glass is the biggest reason I was inspired to proceed in this form of art.

But first thing first. What is a tempered glass? Tempered glass is a defined as toughest glass that has been processed by heat and chemical to increase its strength. It is mainly used for safety reasons because of the way it breaks. Instead of breaking into sharp shards, it falls apart into less-dangerous pieces. (Not meaning it won't cut you! It will if you hold it in wrong direction like any other glasses.) It is used in most of the windows on a vehicle, shower doors and shelves.

The very first time I saw this used into mosaic art was at the artist's studio in Los Altos. She was applying on top of a colored panel which looked insanely gorgeous. I bought some at IKEA where they sell it as "BESTA Glass Shelf" only $5 a piece. (Lovely!) and tried cracking it myself which went very easily. Just put it in a safe bag and bang the side of it with a hammer. NOT the surface. Some seems to stay in one big chunk and some cracked in super small piece.

Edges are little sharp but not sharp enough if you hold it a right way. Not much small shards compared to normal glasses.

And what I love about it is the little crack patterns it keeps after breaking. The biggest reason these tempered glass mosaic art are inspiring is these cracks that reflect the light and softens the colors with it's reflection. I am so glad to encounter with this beautiful material, which I believe is a dream of every artist.



ステンドグラス、タイル、陶磁器等様々な素材を扱ってきましたが、私がこのアートスタイルをやっていこうと決めたきっかけがこの "強化ガラス"です。今日はこの強化ガラスをご紹介したいと思います。


私が初めてこのガラスがモザイクに使われているのを見たのはロス・アルトスにあるアーティストのアトリエです。彼女はベースの色を塗ったパネルにこのガラスを使用しており、ひっくり返るくらい綺麗でした。(笑) さっそく私もガラスを購入し、割ってみました。安全な袋に入れて端をハンマーで横からパンっと叩くんですよ♪大きさはバラバラに砕けました。



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