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Getting Ready for Open Studios

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Between the times of moving and traveling, my favorite time was to gather inspirations for my pieces and construct the colors in my mind. So I can say that all my new works are colors I collected from Hawaii, Greece, Arizona and of course California. Here are some process scenes from new Open Studio collections that will be on air on May 4th 11AM.

1. Daydreaming Series

Conducting several color test is my usual process. It gives me time to think about the balance and the chemistry of each colors. This will be the biggest piece from this collection.

I love the warm colors I see around my apartment

Warm daylight and the slow loving of California lead me to this dreamy colors.

There are thoughts and emotions while painting and I prefer writing down as a journal on different paper when I work

2. Muted Light Series

I believe one of my my favorite moment during traveling is at night. Sometimes I just like to open the window and feel the air. And you feel that the smell is little different from your home. When I inhale the breeze and cold air run though the nose, I smell hint of wet grass, some unknown flower and deep soil. It just feels good. This is the blurry memory of quiet nights.

Muted Gray Light

Muted Green Light

3. Nature Presented as Craft

One of my challenge for this Open Studio was to present "Mosaic as Craft" for the first time. Preserving nature colors in such small space seemed challenging for me at first. However when I start collecting colors from my past travel journal, there were just so many of them! My very first mosaic craft series includes, macrame hangings, chokers and magnets.

Colors from water and light

Sunrise and Sunset from Arizona

Nature colors from my travel journal

4. Quiet Feeling Series

My favorite series that I have been creating. The thoughts, idea, emotions of life in colors.

Take Me Away

I'm Still Here With You

50 new Glass Mosaic works will be displayed at the locations below from 11am-5pm.

May 4-5 1300 Fifth Avenue Belmont, CA 94002

May11-12 1458 La Crosse Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94086

May18-19 20057 Glen Arbor Ct. Saratoga, CA 95070

Online gallery will be on air May 4th 11AM, and those who have signed up for my newsletter at my website, you're invited to the page on May 3rd! You can DM me to reserve the piece and shipment will be made after May 20th.

Looking forward to this exciting event! See you soon!




1. Daydreaming Series





2. Muted Light Series


沈黙の光 グレー

沈黙の光 緑

3. Nature Presented as Craft





4. Quiet Feeling Series


Take Me Away



5/4-5 1300 Fifth Avenue Belmont, CA 94002

5/11-12 1458 La Crosse Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94086

5/18-19 20057 Glen Arbor Ct. Saratoga, CA 95070




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