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Capturing Water in " S O A K "

Water, water and water. As you can see in my spring/summer collections, my main focus of inspiration was literally WATER. Not just as substances, but also as movement of complex feelings inside.

Creation process of "S O A K" was something I've never experienced before in my mind. I was aiming to layer all colors I see in water as much as possible. The "Ultimate Beauty of Water" was my goal and it did't not change until I began to attach glass. As I went on, things started to clutter on the surface. The color balance on the surface was starting to collide and forcing me to hide some of the colors with glass. It's like "show some but not all". (If that makes sense.) After listening to the colors, the balance started to make sense resulting in the completion of "S O A K".

So why was this experience unique? It is because I have made many mistakes in my life. So I was obsessed to give a birth to an artwork in pure beauty. In a way to cover up what I am really inside. So pouring 120% of every possible beauty in artwork was my goal. But because of this piece, I felt like the colors told me I don't have to let out everything. Hide and keep some of the beauty to yourself so what comes out of me will be something more natural.

Thanks for reading! View detail of works HERE.



新作 "S O A K" の制作過程は今まで体験したことがないものでした。制作前の目標は水の中に見えるすべての色を重ねていくことでした。「究極の水の美」というコンセプトで変わらず進めていました。ガラスをのせていくまでは。なぜかガラスをのせていく工程で表面がごたついてきたのです。カラーバランスが崩れだし、むしろ色をすべて見せるのではなく隠せ、と言われているようでした。(意味わかるかな。。)そんな感じで色の言うことを聞いているうちにバランスを取り戻し "S O A K"の完成に至ります。




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