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Building Art Community: Abstract Painting & Mosaic Workshop

Recently I have been conducting a small workshop of both painting and mosaic lessons. I thought about doing one but never had the confidence of doing. However it was one of my friend who suggested of doing one and I gave it a try.

Abstract Painting Workshop

One of the thing I did not expected was that everybody was so new to paint. Since I have been touching paint all my life, I've forgot the feeling of that first touch of the paint and everybody who came reminded me of that exciting feeling. I wonder if anybody remembered their first painting experience. I remember I felt, "Everybody says primary colors are important but I've never seen this red in nature." Or something like that. Anyway, first everybody was scared to mess up and make a mess, but after a while people were becoming more and more adventurous. It was great to witness those moments.

Currently I am conducting a kids summer mosaic workshop and it is insanely fun! Even the kids are new to stained glasses, they are super adventurous. I showed them couple of samples but they just wanted to go on their own and I love that spirit! It's probably because they reminded me of when I was young. When I was in middle school, I remember having so much fun in my art classes. When a project was appointed to me, I just wanted to go for it and ideas were running through my head like a vast wind.

Kids Mosaic Workshop

Abstract Painting for Home

I also try to create an atmosphere artsy as possible. I'm not sure if it works, but hoping the attendees will feel like they came to a art studio and not just a ordinary apartment.

I don't know how long I will continue this but communicating and building a community through art felt so "right" for me.









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