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Art as a statement

Just because it is my birthday week, and I am feeling specially good, I wanted to document this blog for self reminder of my mind status as of 2020.

For an artist, talking about our artwork could be one of the uncomfortable things ever. Obviously we chose not to express in verbal form and rather preferred to do it in artistic physical form. So i don’t know about others, but for me it is just a pain in a butt.

About 10 years ago, I used to work at an art galley in Japan. And thinking back, I used to talk about art all the time. I mean everyday. From 10am until 7pm, I would sit down with a client and present the artist, talk about their artwork and tell how wonderful to have an original artwork in life. 3-7 clients a day almost 2 hour each. It seems crazy for me now, but that was my job and I did enjoyed it. After 2 hours of deep conversation with the clients, I saw their facial expression change, full with hope and happiness and leave the gallery paying quite high amount of money because it was one of those big decisions. Decisions to own something special, not essential for practical living but essential for the heart.

Now I am here in 2020, sitting in front go my laptop wondering what should I write on my artwork description so that people could understand my personal creation adventure, and my sentences are not progressing after an hour. I imaged it would be much easier since it is my own artwork. Obviously I knew WHAT it was in my mind, but verbally I never did.

It is the sharing of senses, and my current statement of my artwork is the following.

" It is the rebellion against the reality of taking nature's beauty for granted. Every particle of light that hits your skin, every wind caressing your cheek, every scent of the fresh green leaves are the result of thousands of scientific miracles nature has built up on its own. Appreciating this fact means appreciating the small things in life. The artworks are my portrayal of its beauty for us to remind ourselves everyday that we are beautiful as we are."

Thank you for reading along and if you agree with my current statement, and just because it is my birthday week please enjoy my 15% off coupon code BIRTHDAY for all artworks available until September 27.










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