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Abstract Expressionism and it's Freedom

I have to say I never thought I'd be painting in abstract style. For some reason I thought it was not my style. But when I think back at the time, I think I was afraid. Afraid to explore with colors outside my comfort zone.

My color has always been blue. I felt like this color was a strong personal identity that represented me. Drawn to the deep night sky, I used blue all my life and never bothered to use any bright colors like pink, yellow or oranges.

The moment I thought about giving a try to it was recent. I was browsing instagram looking for inspirational artist and found it pretty quickly. She was a British artist working professionally. Everything about her abstract expressionism was mind opening. Unlike other artist, who makes marks only, she was using colors unlike any other artist I've known. The beautiful movement flow with deep understanding and love of colors. I fell in love with her art instantaneously and began studying the style of abstract.

After many years of practice, I feel like I'm now finally being able to communicate with colors. Still just trying to do justice, but I am so glad that I have chose this path to explore with colors and use it for my mosaic works.

I paint occasionally. Not for mosaic but just for myself to let it all out. It feels so good and peaceful, it became my personal meditation.




私を表す色は常に青色でした。青色は私の内側とアイデンティティーを表す強い色だったのです。夜空の深みに吸い込まれるように私は青に飲み込まれ、特に他の明るい色 (ピンク、オレンジ、黄色等) を使いたいとも思いませんでした。

そんな明るい色に挑戦してみようと思ったのは本当にここ数年の間、最近です。いつもようにインスタで素敵なアーティストを検索していたら偶然フィードに出てきました。彼女はイギリス在住のプロの画家で、私は彼女の抽象的表現に一気に引き込まれました。最近のトレンドでもあるようにマークメイキング (シンプルな印のようなデザイン) を描く画家ではなく、まるで色が生きているかのようにキャンバスを埋めていくのです。美しい色の動き、そしてそれを理解しようとする思いと愛情が絵を見るだけで伝わってくるのです。とても不思議な感覚で、とても心地よかったのを覚えています。それをきっかけに私は抽象的表現の研究をはじめました。



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