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Water Drops (Made-to-order)

"As I picked up a leaf, I noticed that it seemed to be repelling the rain, and the drops of water moved along the leaf vein, following the vibrations of my hand. It was at that moment that the idea of capturing the shapeless rain in an organic form was unlocked in my mind. The constant, gentle flow of frosted glass embodies the essence of a light summer rain."

Portfolio can be read HERE.

Size : From left 27x18" (69x46cm), 27.5x20" (70x51cm), 27x20" (69x51cm)  

Creational time: 6-8 weeks  

Water Drops (Made-to-order)

  • Every order is handled with care as much as possible.  My goal is for you to be happy with my creation.  Because of this, all sales are final.

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