" F O R M "

Acrylic, glass on board 2021
Imagine you with your cozy blanket having a cup of coffee on Sunday morning and you look outside and see the raindrops on the window.  Just the thought of that sight brings peace to my mind.


Ever since I moved to California, a rainy day has become a special day for me just because I get to experience it only during the winter season.  And I was missing the rain in summer, it is a different feeling.  So when a rare rain happened this summer one day, I’ve decided to go to the mountain.  The usual dry sweet scent of soil was gone but instead, the fresh green scent of the trees was everywhere like It was awakened from a long sleep.  Every color in nature was full of saturation from hydration.   The mountain felt so calm with just the quiet sound of the rain. 


I picked up a leaf that seemed to be repelling the rain.  Drops of water were moving along the leaf vein by the vibration of my hand.  The idea of capturing something shapeless like rain in an organic shape was unlocked at this moment.  The constant gentle stream of frosted glass represents the light summer rain.


 " F O R M " is the memory of a peaceful quiet rainy day in the mountain. 

SOLD to private collector