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Virtual Art Show & Webshop Opening

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of things has changed in the world. The way we live, think and perform seems to shift a little bit in order to act positive in these situations. And I'm seeing so many positive messages from around the world. Posting contents that will make people laugh, smile and cheer people up. I'm seeing the bond and strength of people in the virtual world and I'm very thankful of that. Also there are thousands of people helping the sicks in frontline and I can not thank them enough.

As for myself, thankfully my life hasn't changed that much. Of course all the art shows has been cancelled my daily routine of creation doesn't involve much people (kind of sad to so it is the continuous days of creating. The one change is after seeing so many individuals trying to support the people, I wanted to contribute somehow in my own way. So like everybody else, I wanted to do the best thing I can do to make people happy in this situation. Virtual art show presenting over 50 of my new artworks and opening a web shop.

Works including...

29 "Colors of Lanikai" - Hawaii ocean inspired pieces

1 "Colors of Lanikai Sea Glass Edition"

1 "S O A K" Ocean inspied large scale piece

24 "Gem Series" - Gem stone inspired pieces

And much more!

I was a little hesitant to open a web shop in these days but decided that no matter what the world is like, I should never stop doing what I believe in. That my artwork can make somebody in the world happy. So please enjoy and stay safe! We can all overcome this together!

バーチャルアートショー & ウェブショップ開設




29 "Colors of Lanikai" - ハワイの海を表現した作品

1 "Colors of Lanikai Sea Glass Edition" シーガラスの特別エディション

1 "S O A K"  壮大な海の作品 

24 "Gem Series"  天然石をイメージしたシリーズ



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