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Capturing Natural Elements In Organic Shapes

Change in environment always invites me into the change in the ways of thinking. I began to see new lights and its movement started to reflect on my imagination. After moving into the new apartment in March, I wanted to create a piece that will integrate all the small elements from nature that captivates me in daily life. Something that I could come back to, something that will remind me what I am and what I love. Not for someone, just me.

The new challenge was to capture the color and lights into free organic shapes. Feeling like a painter, my journey of layering colors started to begin.

Combined different types of glass including tempered glass, fired tempered glass, ground glass and textured glass. Lining up attaching along the flow of the colors, during my creation high I did see my glasses dancing!

After 2 months of work, my first quadruplets are now hanging in our living room with full of lights.


Acrylic, glass on board 2019

Fundamental elements to appreciate life.


Warm fuzzy feeling of spring

Sweet scent of fresh flowers

Fondness of kind people around me


Cold tingly touch of water running through my fingers

Feelings of everything being washed away

Water bringing fresh air to my face


Sweet sunshine scent of the soil

Strength of the solid ground

Mother of all nature


Sound of the wind caressing the leaves

Lights pouring from the trees

Combination of fresh born leaves and old vintage leaves

These past 2 months were continuous repetition of considering the purpose of this piece. What does this elements means to me? Where is this going to take me? What would I be able to do after this? The more I put my thoughts into it, the more I got lost. I couldn't come up with the title until the very end. But once the pieces were hung on the wall, the colors were speaking clearly to me. To just appreciate the bases of nature that always guided me to the right direction.

These organic shape mosaic works are also available as commission work. Contact if you're interested in creating a one and only piece for your home.