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Take My Hand In Autumn

" Take My Hand In Autumn "

Acrylic, glass on wood 2019
8x8" Set of 3
This piece was commissioned by a married couple hailing from Switzerland. The creation of a wedding memory piece holds a special place in my heart, as it not only commemorates a significant day for the couple but also affords me the privilege of participating in this momentous occasion through my artistry. The colors they have chosen are imbued with emotion and significance, evoking a sense of both serenity and resilience, and each request emanates from the very depths of their hearts. The warm and alluring shade of orange serves as a symbolic representation of the breathtaking foliage of autumn, during which the nuptials were celebrated, while the gentle flow of colors reflects the amiable nature of the people who contributed to the tranquil atmosphere of that moment.
SOLD to a private collector
Take My Hand In Autumn
Take My Hand In Autumn
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