"   Layers of colors are the fundamental essence of nature's beauty no words can explain.  Preserving those fragile memories under glass is my way of appreciating life in the art form of glass mosaic.   "


Chieko Shimizu is an abstract glass mosaic artist living and working in Santa Clara, California.  Her will to create was strongly influenced by her mother who pursued tailoring, quilting and many other forms of handicraft.  After working at an art gallery in Tokyo, Japan, Chieko aspired to define and create an original style by first studying different techniques from ceramics and painting to jewelry-making.  Her first experience with mosaic, at a local artist's studio in Los Altos, opened her eyes with delight.  She has since experimented with this art form in various ways, which led to the creation of her unique style -- "Glass Mosaic".  This new technique of combining abstract painting and glass mosaics became her original way of expressing and transforming all her inspirations into art.


Growing up in Japan, I learned to appreciate the transition of colors across the seasons. The soft pink of spring cherry blossom, fresh green leaves of summer, bright orange from the autumn maples, and beautiful white snow in the winter. Nature has been my biggest inspiration for creating. This “Glass Mosaic” art form has taught me to treasure the small miracles in nature that we easily overlook by getting caught up in our daily lives.   


"Glass Mosaic" is a combination of abstract painting and mosaic art perfected over 5 years. The initial layers of color represent nature's essence I've captured from around the world. These precious memories of travel are then reinterpreted with a layer of crushed glass to mimic reflections of light in a fleeting dream. Grout is then run through the imperfect shapes and sizes of glass like a bloodstream giving the work life. 

Where I'm from, it is believed that spirit exists in everything we must not forget to be thankful for what it brings to us.  Each Glass Mosaic piece is created to preserve nature’s spirit under glass forever enabling art lovers from around the world to bring a piece of nature into their homes.

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Renegade Craft Virtual Fair  '20 (May 1-2)

 - Renegade Craft Portal Site - Live Streaming -

Earth Garden '19 (Oct 26-27)

 - Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Silicon Valley Open Studios '19 (May 4-5, 11-12, 18-19)

 - Belmont, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, CA

Olive Hyde Art Gallery '18 (Nov. 30 - Dec.2)

 - Fremont, CA

Filoli Art Walk  '21 (July 24-25)

 - Redwood City, CA