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"Layers of colors are the fundamental essence of natural beauty that transcends the limitation of verbal expression. 

Preserving those serendipitous moments under glass is my way of appreciating life in the art form of glass mosaic."

- Chieko Shimizu


Constantly exploring the interplay of light and color, Chieko Shimizu (b.1985), a glass mosaic artist, endeavors to create pieces that capture the intricate beauty and complexity of the natural world. Growing up in Japan, Shimizu has acquired a profound admiration for the transitional seasonal colors, along with the gradation of lights that produce a splendid filter of the environment around her.


Glass mosaic art is an exceptional form of artistic expression that melds elements of both abstract painting and traditional mosaic art. By meticulously layering diverse colors then preserving them underneath shattered glass, Shimizu is capable of depicting the transience and evanescent nature of light, resulting in artworks that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply calming.  Whether Shimizu is creating a large installation or a more intimate piece, she consistently strives to stretch the limits of what is possible with this unique and challenging medium. 


Her artistic expression celebrates the transformative power of light and color, imbuing in viewers an appreciation for the intricate nuances and subtle complexities that can be discovered in even the simplest of surroundings.

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The artwork embodies the ethereal beauty and serene tranquility that nature exudes. Wherever I wander, my spirit seeks out the same alluring scene, where the interplay of light and color holds an inexplicable pull.  In those fleeting moments when time itself appears to stand still, I am held in sacred silence, and my heart is awash with a purifying sense of calm.

I am driven to capture the raw emotional state that light embodies, the kaleidoscopic spectrum and gentle whispers of the wind, the fundamental sentiments experienced in that instant, and the thoughts and emotions emerged in that space.  The wind's motion is captured with shattered glass, encapsulating the colors of the moment.  My heart from that hallowed time manifests itself in a tangible form, shining brighter than light, and moving more gracefully than the wind.

The evidence that I held my breath, in awe.

The testament that I lived, and loved.


Solo Exhibition '22 (November 9 - December 23) COLLECTION

 - Firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, CA


Artist Open Studios at The Alameda Artworks '23 (May 13-14) COLLECTION

- San Jose, CA

Filoli Art Walk '22 (July 30-31) COLLECTION

 - Redwood City, CA

Artist Open Studios at The Alameda Artworks '22 (April 9-10) COLLECTION

 - San Jose, CA

Filoli Art Walk  '21 (July 24-25) COLLECTION

 - Redwood City, CA

Renegade Craft Virtual Fair  '20 (May 1-2) 

 - Renegade Craft Portal Site - Live Streaming -

Earth Garden '19 (Oct 26-27) COLLECTION

 - Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Silicon Valley Open Studios '19 (May 4-5, 11-12, 18-19)

 - Belmont, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, CA

Olive Hyde Art Gallery '18 (Nov. 30 - Dec.2)

 - Fremont, CA


Kaiser Permanente, Richmond, CA

Installed work - "Pixels"  

Kaiser Permanente, Milpitas, CA

Installed work - "Psithurism" 

Sutter Health Institute of Health and Healing, Roseville, CA

Installed work - ' Woolgathering " 

Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health Clinic, Manteca, CA

Installed work - " ELEMENTS" 


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