" Ciel "

Acrylic, glass on wood 2021
3 x 5'  50lb
If I can let the colors dance on 3x5' space, I wanted to express something larger than myself.  Something you can not hold in your hand, something even your body can not hold but can hold you.  The sky.  Uplifting and expansive, deep rich blue with hints of warm hues.  A scenery that will raise your feeling and get you motivated but have that sense of calmness.  A scenery that will look different depending on the mood and light.  A free scenery that is not bound by anything.  The movement of the cloud will be calm, but majestic.  A flow of wind will run through as a movement.  A sky that represents freedom.
SOLD to private collector
IMG_9588 2.JPG
IMG_9590 2.JPG