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Photography : Anthony Lê

Fine Collection
I M M E R S I V E 
by Chieko Shimizu Fujioka

The collection is a ritual of getting lost in time and finding yourself once again.

The pieces are to serve as a guiding light to remind you of the importance of nurturing your innermost being and embracing the beauty of self-discovery. It allows you to step away from the external world, inviting you into a serene sanctuary where only self-reflection holds dominance.


It's a symbol of self-care, self-love, and the profound journey of self-acceptance.

As broken pieces of glass are gathered and reassembled, they symbolize the inherent resilience within us all,

gently pushing us forward on the path of personal growth and empowerment.









If you're interested in purchasing the work, please send your inquiry to

" & the sea "
Acrylic, glass on wood
30 x 40"
The many blues I've come to know are a vivid reflection of my life's intricate tapestry. 

IMG_6203 2 4_edited_edited.jpg
" hydrangeas "
Acrylic, glass on wood
30 x 30"
I long to rest amidst the intense hues of hydrangeas.

" disappear "
Acrylic, glass on wood
36 x 36"
In this extensive journey of seeking light,
I come to realize that it manifests within the obscure realms of darkness.

" Timeless "
Acrylic, glass on wood
24 x 36"
It is always that ray of light that transcends time and space to heal my soul.

" Arctic Tern "
Acrylic, glass on wood
24 x 30"
My heart carries a wing to migrate through the boundless seas.

IMG_8790 2 2_edited.jpg
" Nocturnal "
Acrylic, glass on wood
36 x 36"
Within the deep forest, I reclaim my true essence.

本当の私に戻れる場所は あの森の中。
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