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" Étoile "

Acrylic, glass on wood 2021
66 x 32"  50lb
​I was always attracted to the mystery of space. Not just the beauty of the stars, but the beginning of the universe, and the mysteries of these phenomenons stir up my curiosity.  We still do not fully understand the world that we live in.  The fact that 80% of the universe is still unknown makes me realize that we are such a small being from that perspective.  Then what is my thought as a human being on this planet?  How should I live this day?  How should I treat others today?  The mysteries are guiding me on how to live.

When I got an order of this piece, I knew it was time for me to create the ultimate piece that represented the beauty of the universe.  The deep dark blue sky full of stars.  Etoile is the ultimate beauty of the starry night sky.
SOLD to private collector
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