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Untitiled, 2020_1
Untitiled, 2020_2
Untitiled, 2020_3

" Comfortable Torrent 2020 "

Acrylic, glass on wood 2020
16 x 20" Set of 3
Commission piece ordered from a gentleman who was almost retiring.  He is now planning to start his own business after retirement and was currently studying the basics of Microsoft excel & powerpoint.  He requested a piece that will raise his spirit and motivates him every time he looks at it.  It gave me so much inspiration to hear his positive will and power even at his age.  His strong flow of energy is represented in his favorite colors purple and blue, which for him represent refining purity.
SOLD to private collector
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
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