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" Comfortable Torrent 2020 "

Acrylic, glass on wood 2020
16 x 20" Set of 3

I was commissioned by a gentleman who was on the verge of retirement and had plans to start his own business after leaving his previous job. In preparation for this new venture, he was currently studying the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. He approached me with a request for a piece that would serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for him, something that would uplift his spirits every time he laid his eyes on it.

It was incredibly inspiring to hear about his unwavering determination and fortitude despite his age. He exuded a strong sense of energy, which I aimed to capture in the artwork. His favorite colors, purple and blue, were chosen as they represent refining purity for him. Through this piece, I sought to convey the essence of his indomitable spirit and willpower.

SOLD to a private collector
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
Untitiled, 2020
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