Big Sur

" Big Sur "

Acrylic, glass on board 2021
3 x 5'  50lb
2020 was the year of struggles, but the challenges have kept me going.  At the end of the year we took the California 1 for a small trip, just to feel the water and spent a long time watching the waves.  The deep silvery blue water coming and going making that soothing sounds.
Many great things were slowly happening in my life.  All the hard works, struggles, challenges were finally paying off like it was giving me a big hug.  The ocean seemed to be telling me an another life story this year.
"Keep going.  These waves will lead you to the right place. "
Let's go 2021!!!
SOLD to private collector
Enjoy this behind the scene video my husband made!
Big Sur1
Big Sur2
Big Sur3
Big Sur4