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Inspired By Nature : "Colors Of Kailua"

If you ever traveled to Hawaii, I believe it will hold a special place in your heart forever. I don't know if it is the blueness of ocean, expansiveness of the sky, freshness of the wind or just the chill vibe of the people, but it is that everything that lead us back to that beautiful island.

We had nothing specially planned for our summer vacation and it just came to us. "Why don't we just go to Hawaii?" And with immediate nod, the ticket was booked. I only had 3 plans for this trip. Eat asai bowl every morning, eat lots of food and paint at the beach. And yes I did all three and all three inspired me greatly to create my new pieces.

I've heard that the color of Kailua is beautiful but it was different from my imagination. I was blown away with its vibrant colors! Everything was perfect. The emerald green water, light blue sky, golden sand and white bubbles that comes and goes with the tide. I was just desperate to capture the color of what I'm seeing in front of me. Time past by super fast.

I was strongly influenced by an amazing artist in Hawaii. BTW, when ever I go travel, I try to buy local artist's work and I found Sarah Caudle. Her beautiful painting of Hawaii ocean is magnificent and I really wanted to take home a essence of her Hawaii-ness. So I bought a vase she used to work on her painting and it also helped me to remember the beautiful color of Hawaii.

"Color of Kailua" is set of 3.

8 x 8 inch Acrylic and glass on cradled wood panel. View HERE for more info.





また旅行先ではできるだけローカルのアーティストの作品を買いたいので調べたらSarah Caudleという方の作品をインスタでフォローしていたので、ギャラリーを探して速攻買いました。メインは海の絵ですが、その画家さんの青が好きで作業中に使うガラスの花瓶を買いました。このハワイ感もとても大切。とにかくこの青を忘れたくなかった。


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