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I'm OK not leaving the house.

It's been almost 8 months since "shelter in place". And what I have to say about it is, "I'm totally OK not leaving the house." I hear many people complaining about not being able to go out or hang out with friends and everything, and YES of course I miss that. But fundamentally, I realized I'm totally OK with the life style we are all forced in.

I'm spending all the good times with my family and Wonton, my house is clean as ever, I'm enjoying all the great food from restaurant takeouts, I'm exercising more, and most of all, I'm taking so much time to think about how I want to spend my time to create the best artwork in given time.

Especially on the weekends, we started to go on small walks and hike more. Because I wanted Wonton to see the fun nature but I personally started to appreciate the effect of nature that has on me. And one scene just caught my eyes and couldn't keep my eyes off.

Simple, calm and relaxing movement of the wind was everything I needed at that point. And I can assure that I would have not seen its beauty if we weren't int this situation.

"Appreciating the simple things."

It is a very obvious but forgettable fact. And taking this perfect time, I decided to capture that moment in glass.

Process of this work turned out to be a very satisfying. I didn't want to use too much colors to express the beauty of nature but to show the strength by using the movement of glass.

Calm but strong. Relaxing but motivational.

I hope you see the elements of "that aspect" nature has.

" Wind Fragrance " 2020

2x4' Acrylic and glass on wood.












” 風薫る " (2020)

61x122cm Acrylic and glass on wood

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