Custom Commissions

Chieko will be happy to create an original mosaic piece only for you. Let her hear your story and preference.


Small Single Piece   10 x 10 inch   $ 150

Medium Single Piece   14 x 18 inch   $ 380

Large Single Piece   18 x 24 inch   $ 650

Small Triple Set   10 x 10 inch   $ 450

Medium Triple Set   14 x 18 inch   $ 1,140

Large Triple Set   18 x 24 inch   $ 1,950

Random shape pieces are welcomed.

FREE Design & Estimation

  1. Commission work must be booked 3-4 months in advance.

  2. 50% deposit via PayPal is required to book and it is non-refundable.

  3. Price does NOT include shipping.

  4. Contact for size not listed in the sizing option above.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the transaction of 50% deposit, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions.


  1. 50% deposit is non-refundable.

  2. Commissioner have the responsibility to provide correct shipment information to artist.

  3. All personal information will be kept private and confidential.

  4. Delay in creation or shipment may occur occasionally. In such case it will be informed by artist.

  5. Commission work can be refunded/replaced ONLY due to the damage by shipment.    (Commissioner must provide legitimate image(s) of piece to prove it is damaged by shipment.)

  6. Commissioner may NOT use commissioned image(s) for commercial use.